A web Developer with three years of experience specializing in Python,Javascript.HTML,CSS,SQL, rust, reactJS and Bootstrap


Services That I Provide

Google Forms Professional

through years of experience with google forms, have gained a vast skills in creating custom forms for surveys,feedback,opinio and questionaires and analysing responses to give desired summary

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Graphic Designing

Graphic designer responsible for daily graphic design content for a medium-sized firm. Worked regularly on graphic, layout, and production materials. Developed 200+ graphic design projects (logos, brochures, advertisements, infographics).

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Freelance Web Designing

Vibrant web designerfreelancer with 3+ years of experience. Seeking to enhance design excellence while helping organizations achieve its highest potential.

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My Resent Projects

Sanowa Enterprise

A website of an enterprise located in Kakamega,Kenya that deals with making and distributing concrete products, as well as other building materials

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Friends Church Machakos

This is a website of a church based orgaanization located in Machakos,Kenya.The site contains easy to navigate pages. Click the read more otton to explore more about the site

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Feedback/Query Form

This form is useful after any event,you would wish to get feedback from your audience/participants.. The form above is very vital for the same

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Google Forms Services

This is a google form of church based organization that helps them to maintain,manage and register there leaders s well as reminding them there roles


My Education & Experience


Bsc Statistics & Programming

Machakos University(2019-2023)

Leanred the art of practical application of Statistical programming and data analysis to real life problems.Languages studied includes Pytho,C#,R,Java & OOP

Mastery on HTML5 and CSS3

Udemy Business(2022-March)

Learned basic of web development,Create responsite websites on project based approach,Application of various properties of css & HTML in different scenarios

Java Script & PHP Complete course

Udemy Academy(2022-October)

Learned the Introduction to Java script & PHP,JS Variables,Values,Data type etc,writting scripts and general scripting


Sanowa Concrete Enterprise

Web Dsigner(2022 June-December)

Leanred the art of practical application of Statistical programming and data analysis to real life problems.Languages studied includes Pytho,C#,R,Java & OOP

Friends Church (Quakers) Machakos

Church Based Website

this is a static website well designed and regularly updated to fit the organization need.It is also interactive with beautifulnavigations

Feedack Form

Organization Based(2023-February)

Do you have any event,and you would wish to get feedback from your targeted groupof people after event in a well presented excell format?


My Blog Posts


Friends Church Q Machakos,Leaders registration form
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Friends Church Q Machakos,Visito's registration form
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Machakos University Christian Union Ministration Registration form
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